The Best Bitcoin Slot Machines Online

How Slots Work Online

slot machine gameWant to play slot machines online with Bitcoin? No problem – regarding the inexhaustible selection of online slots, there is guaranteed to be the right slot machine for every player. Play with alien robots, go on a treasure hunt in ancient Egypt, step into an arena with gladiators or play at classic slot machines with fruit or cakes.

There are no limits to the variety of slot machines online. In order to not only win lemons when visiting the casino lobby, it is advisable to know about the slot machines and the respective payout structure.

Structure of an Online Slot Machine

There are many variations of slot machines online, but the functionality is the same. Each slot machine has a certain number of reels on which the symbols are placed. You can imagine the reels as a grid with horizontal and zig zag paylines (diagonal matches). If one or more valid symbol combinations are formed on the paylines, you win.

Traditionally, these are 3 identical symbols from left to right and without interruption. According to the value of the symbol combination and the number of valid paylines, the amount of the win is determined and paid out.

Classic Slots and Video Slots

Classic slot machines, such as fruit machines, traditionally have 3 reels and therefore few or only one payline. In addition, the gameplay is not as complex as a typical video slot. Video slots usually have 5 reels and can have an enormous number of paylines, see comparison below. Both slot machines have all paylines activated.

Bet Lines and Pay Lines at BTC Slot Games

8 Lucky Charms Bitcoin SlotBet lines should not be confused with pay lines. The betting lines are horizontal on the rollers (see (2) below). A sequence of symbols is shown on each row. Most online slot machines, which are mainly video slots, have 3 rows of bets (3 rows x 5 symbols = 15 game symbols). In slot machines with a high number of paylines, there may also be 4 rows of bets (4 rows x 5 symbols = 20 game symbols).

On the bet lines are the pay lines, which can be selected according to the online slot. If you play with fewer paylines, the bet per spin and the odds are lower. However, if you play with all winning lines, the chances of successful symbol combinations, such as the stake per spin, are correspondingly higher.

Stakes and Payouts of BTC Winnings

One bet is placed on each selected payline per spin. If, for example, you play an online bitcoin slot machine with 25 paylines and a minimum line bet of 280 satoshis, the bet is 7000 per spin. Each slot machine has a payout table (see below) that displays all valid symbol combinations and their payouts. Sometimes these values are displayed in conjunction with the round bet in the currency of your casino account, making it easier to read.

Often, however, they are the coin values or multipliers typical of slot machines (see below for more details). As soon as one or more valid symbol combinations matching the paytable are spun, the slot machine pays out the value of the combination(s).

Depending on the online slot, the bet per spin can be maximized. This is done via the bet multiplier by increasing the ‘coin value’. For illustration, the same example: You play with 25 paylines and a bet of 280 satoshis per line = 7000 satoshis per spin. You increase the coin value to 140.000 satoshis, i.e. 25 lines x 14.000 satoshis = 0.035 BTC per spin.

This may sound utopian, but it plays a role for some high rollers / VIPs. Certainly not every High-Roller turns down 0.035 BTC per spin, but the fact is, there are still much higher stakes possible.

Example: You play with all paylines x the line bet of 560 satoshis (14.000 sat per spin). The same symbol appears 3 times on the reels. The paytable pays 50 x the line bet of 560 satoshis = 14.000 satoshis win.

If you change the coin value (bet multiplier) to 1400 satoshis, the bet per line is 2800 satoshis (70.000 satoshis per spin). The match of your three symbols pays 3 x 50 x the line bet of 2800 = 140.000 win.

But don’t let yourself be misled by constant conversion, because all slot machines also show every win in the account balance display in the currency you are playing with.

The Odds of Winning on Bitcoin Slot Machines Online

Every slot machine, whether on the Internet or in a real gaming library, has a percentage payout rate. On some online slot machines, you can find out the payout percentage from the payout table or the game description. For example, if the payout ratio is 96%, this is the percentage paid out to all players. In this example, the online casino will achieve a permanent payout of 4%.

Here one should consider that the payout ratio is higher in casinos online than in a real game library or in the casino. The difference is usually considerable. While the slot machines pay out online about 90% to 96%, the slot machines in the casino ‘only’ come to about 60% to 65%.

A higher payout rate also means better chances of winning. What makes online slot machines so attractive is therefore omnipresent – the chance to make a lucrative profit! The game itself, however, is determined by pure chance and is simultaneously adjusted to the payout ratio.

All events on the reels, from symbol combinations to winning a jackpot, are controlled by the Random Number Generator (RNG). To ensure fairness, the Random Number Generator is regularly tested by independent industry experts.

Bitcoin Slot Extras and Bonus Functions

Video slots are also popular for their entertaining and winning bonus symbols and bonus rounds. Sometimes, various classic slot machines also have traditional bonus symbols on the reels, such as the Wild symbol or the Scatter symbol. Video slots, on the other hand, offer a whole armada of original special functions and there are always new ones to be added, because the ingenuity of the casino software developers is limitless.

Bonus symbols and bonus rounds are not the sole purpose of entertainment, but increase the chances of winning. If you’d like to read more about the different bonus features or look up a specific term, take a look at our Casino Dictionary. Here we explain briefly and concisely technical terms from the casino world.

Platinum LightningSlots all behave slightly differently. For example, a machine that doesn’t spit out big winnings is not a fake, but pays higher amounts over a longer period of time. On the other hand, an often paying slot machine can suddenly lag behind expectations in the longed-for bonus round. These are just two examples. It therefore makes sense to look at the payout table before the game to find out what the machine has to offer and whether it meets your expectations. Ultimately, slot machines are and will remain a matter of taste.

As you may have noticed, one of our favorite Bitcoin slots is the Platinum Lightning online slot. It offers a good mix of small to medium wins during the base game and good chances of high wins during the free spins – try the Platinum Lightning online slot.

If you’re new to the gambling field, please be a ware that slot machines can be highly addictive for certain personalities, so make sure you never play with money you can’t afford to lose.

Advantages of Playing Slots With Bitcoin

BTC symbolThere are many advantages to betting and playing with Bitcoin. The crypto currency is difficult to assign to individuals, simply hard to trace, and allows players to play anonymously online (even with a Bitcoin Casino Mobile App). Best is always to use a VPN for online privacy, in case this matter to you.

Second, Bitcoin casinos tend to offer very high bet limits with large bonuses due to the volatile exchange rate of the Bitcoin currency. Since the currency is not regulated by centralized banks or government institutions, it can be moved much more freely, resulting in faster withdrawal transactions.

The Best Bitcoin Slot Casino

Of course, in any casino you can play slot machines online. If you’ve also claimed a welcome bonus, it’s good to know that all slots usually contribute 100% to the wagering bonus. So what should you look out for? First of all, it is advisable to play in the casinos, where your favorite slots are available and new games are quickly added to the range. If you want to play with high stakes, the betting limits of the casino should also be designed for this. For example, a Novoline game offered in different Novoline casinos does not have to have the same bet limits. For more information on this topic, visit the Best Slots Casino section.

Many Bitcoin casinos are licenced and operate under the law of the country in which they have their headquarters.