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What’s Bitcoin?
How does Bitcoin work?
Can BTC be used in online casinos?
Which casinos allow Bitcoin payments?
Is Bitcoin legal?
Is it legal to use Bitcoin casinos?
Can BTC be used safely?
How are winnings paid out?
How is Bitcoin compared to other methods?
Are Bitcoin casinos safe?
Do I get a bonus when I deposit with Bitcoin?
Why does Bitcoin Casinos stand for mBTC or uBTC?
Can I try the slot at Bitcoin Casino first?
What if my Bitcoin slot game freezes in the middle?
Is my BTC deposit safe at Bitcoin Casinos?

In many online shops and also in reputable online casinos, Bitcoin is now available as a payment method. We have summarized the most important information and advantages of Bitcoin payments and created a list of reputable online Bitcoin casinos, which we rank 2019 among the best providers especially for lovers of online slot games.

We love playing slots as well as the new exciting field of cryptocurrency and on this page we want to share all we know about slot machine gambling including how it works, the best tips and tricks, our experiences and the best games ever.

On this page we are going to answer the most common questions regarding BTC gambling and the best Bitcoin slots.

What is Bitcoin Gambling?

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency in the world and has quickly become a trendsetter in many different industries. Not least thanks to the increasing popularity of the digital currency, they included some casinos in their portfolio. With Bitcoin gambling you can play online through the use of Bitcoins – different games from slots to table games to bingo are offered.

blockchainTwo types of Bitcoin Casino experiences can be made. On the one hand all those where Bitcoin is accepted as the only means of payment, such as and Cloudbet in our presented options and the casinos where Bitcoin acts as an additional payment method to the conventional ones. They have gradually been able to gain more and more well-known developer names for their use and build up a great portfolio with them. Vera & John, for example, was the first casino in the world to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. In the meantime, however, all traces of the crypto payment method have disappeared from the company’s website.

The biggest advantages for the user are twofold. On the one hand, there is a high level of anonymity, which would not exist if, for example, payments were made by credit card. This is where the most important crypto currency approach, which was launched in 2009, comes in. A second advantage is the unlimited free transactions, which are unique compared to fiat currencies.

Can you win BTC Coins with Bitcoin gambling?

In this chapter we will explain exactly how Bitcoin gambling works. The question many Bitcoin owners ask before registering is whether they can win BTC coins at the casino or whether they can only use them to deposit and withdraw money from the online provider. The good news for you is that some casinos are now supporting Bitcoin gaming. According to our Bitcoin Casino experience, one of the above mentioned casinos, which is completely designed for the digital currency, serves as your guide:

bitcoin slots gamblingHere it is possible for you to bet directly with Bitcoin. An example of this is Bitcoin Roulette. It is a classic roulette format, but the crypto currency bets make it really interesting and a special feature in the casino world. On the Bitcoin Casino gambling page you can also play other games with the use of Bitcoin, for example Blackjack. The rules are the same as for playing with Euro, but you bet with Bitcoin.

Before you play Blackjack at Bitcoin Casino, you should select your default chip size according to your credit balance to avoid excessive losses. Now it’s like usual: you get two cards, the dealer one, so you have to decide whether to choose Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split. The advantage of this game is that the house – in this case the Bitcoin Casino – has one of the lowest house advantages of any game of chance. This is not only true with Bitcoin. So the right strategy in taking advantage of this is already half the battle, so you can pay out more Bitcoins than you originally sent to the casino.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casino Payment

  • Convenient and fast deposit in many reputable casinos
  • Bitcoins are also accepted in many online shops
  • Bitcoins are a good investment Particularly secure thanks to anonymous online payments
  • Free payout of high winning amounts

How payment with Bitcoin works

First of all, you need to exchange real money for Bitcoins at one of the many online exchange offices with the virtual currency. You can then either download the Bitcoins to your PC or mobile device or deposit them in a cloud solution, a Bitcoin Online Wallet. The currency units then end up either in the software installed on your PC or in the virtual wallet in the cloud. From there you can send the Bitcoins online to the casino as soon as you want to make a deposit. At the online casino cashier, you simply select the payment with the virtual currency and an address will be given to send the Bitcoins. Everything else you can do now with the Cloud account or the software on PC or mobile phone. Once you have made the payment, the balance should be available online in the casino.

You can enjoy these Advantages in the best Bitcoin Slots Casinos

Bitcoin is an increasingly popular means of payment on the Internet, especially because of its fast and easy to use online casino Bitcoin payments. In just a few easy steps, using any software or online solution, you can buy Bitcoins and transfer them to your casino account. This saves you using online payment service providers and the hassle of time-consuming international bank transfers.

All the benefits at a glance

  • Particularly secure payment option
  • Fast money transfers without annoying formalities
  • Anonymous and secure casino payments
  • Increasing value of crypto currencies
  • Free deposits and withdrawals
  • Fast money transfers without annoying formalities
  • Anonymous and secure casino payments
  • Increasing value of crypto currencies
  • Free deposits and withdrawals

The absolute anonymity and security of payments on the Internet is another advantage that speaks for the use of the online payment method. All the casino online Bitcoin provider learns about you upon receipt of payment is a Bitcoin number and your name. So you are absolutely safe from fraudsters and hackers and do not have to reveal your bank details on the Internet.

Fee structure and where you can pay with Bitcoins

Online Bitcoin Slots Casinos do not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals in the virtual currency. Receiving Bitcoins on your PC is also free of charge. Some e-wallets charge small fees, but these are significantly lower than those charged by conventional e-payment service providers. Thus, the payouts of casino winnings via Bitcoin are not only among the fastest, but also among the cheapest.

If you have received the Bitcoins on your account, you can either sell them and convert them into real Euros or use the currency for shopping or paying on the Internet. In addition to the numerous Bitcoin casinos, Microsoft, Expedia, Dell, Dish, for example, also accept the Internet currency for online purchases. In the field of SaaS providers the acceptance of BTC payments is constantly growing, such as web hosting or cloud services.

Bitcoin Slots – All About Slot Machines

slot machineSlot machines, whether in real casinos around the world or on the Internet at home screen, have enjoyed great popularity for decades.

When was the slot machine invented?

The legendary “Black Cat” of the Caille brothers is regarded as the first slot machine. They had built it in 1889, the characteristic lever quickly led to the designation “one-armed bandit”. Ten years later, Charles August Frey developed the “Liberty Bell” in San Francisco, which already used the three-roller system. However, he made a mistake and failed to secure the patent rights – so it became a kind of common property in the industry.

What types of slot machines can be distinguished?

The following slot machines are to be distinguished from these meanwhile almost everyday “play devices, which are equipped with a technical device influencing the game output and which offer the possibility of a profit”: The classic, the one-armed bandit: It appears above all in casinos – today’s developments are mostly called “slot machines”. The characteristic “arm” is now often missing. Then there are entertainment machines with no chance of winning, e.g. coin-ups and mechanical machines such as pinball machines.

What is the Difference between online Bitcoin Slots and Real Ones?

Online slots in online Bitcoin casinos and real world slot machines do not differ from each other in their basic principle of operation. While slot machines in online casinos use the mouse to control the gaming process, they use only the buttons and buttons on real machines. In principle there are the same games as with “real” machines.

How does a slot machine work?

The classic slot machines are those in which symbols are displayed on so-called reels, which in the right combination then bring a profit. In the past, there were usually three reels with 10 symbols each. The probability of winning something here was then nine to one. Today there are often slot machines with only one reel and twelve symbols. The least likely winning symbol combinations are the ones that hit the jackpot.

What about the modern slots?

In restaurants or arcades you often find devices that offer games such as the popular “Book of Ra” on a video display. The principle is similar to that of the one-armed bandit, and here too you can watch the symbols rotate quickly and then slowly take their places. Here one speaks of so-called pay lines, i.e. several symbol rows on top of each other. Let’s take “Book of Ra” as an example: Here there are three pay lines in which the different symbols appear. They consist of five reels – a total of 15 symbols are displayed.

Why is this Game so popular?

The best Bitcoin slots are similar in appearance to the traditional slot machines. Maybe that’s what people like so much about it. It’s also very easy to use, you can win free spins. It’s fun. There are also always smaller winnings, which ensure a long playing time even with smaller stakes – and also the hope of a big jackpot win kept alive for a long time.

What is meant by “pushing up”?

The colloquial term “pushing up” means that in some machines every win can be increased. If you win about 50 cents, you can take the risk and, with a little luck, double the winning amount – as often as you like. However, if you lose, the entire winning amount is gone. Like Roulette – black or red, all or nothing. In novoline games this is possible with two playing cards, in Mercury with the so-called ladder.

Which are the best Bitcoin Slot Machines most commonly found online?

The machines of the Gauselmann Group (Merkur) and Novomatic (Novoline) are the most widespread. Other manufacturers are Netent, Microgaming and Nextgen. However, the basic principles of the individual games are often the same, even if it is sometimes a short change to play at an unknown machine.

Find serious and safe BTC slot Gambling Providers

Are you a user of the new Internet payment system and looking for an online casino that accepts Bitcoin? Then you have come to the right place! We’ve gone through over 250 international gaming sites from A to Z and have been able to determine which casinos have the ability to deposit with Bitcoins. We then tested the various providers and determined the best Bitcoin casinos available for slot gamblers as of 2019.

However, in these Internet casinos we have not only checked the payment processing for its flawless function, but also other sections of the casino in addition to the cashier under the magnifying glass. We make sure that the recommended provider is German-speaking and that you as a gambler from Germany will find a competent and fast customer service there. We can therefore guarantee that you will find the best real money games and outstanding customer service online in these Bitcoin casinos, that you can use a unique bonus program and that the security and seriousness of this provider is exceptionally high.

The Top 3 Bitcoin Slot Casinos

The online casinos of the world have to keep up with the times – especially when it comes to the money of their customers. They are using more and more diverse payment methods, as the usual bank transfer has long since become obsolete for reasons of speed and anonymity alone. Currently, crypto currencies are the most popular of these. More and more casinos now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. In order to be able to pay with the coins, however, you must first buy them. We recommend to buy Bitcoin from the broker eToro, which acts fast, practically and with all important crypto currencies. We have the best brokers clearly arranged here.

Join us in looking at the best three Bitcoin Casinos that you can use in Germany without further problems. These are, BitStarz and Cloudbet. All three score points with profitable bonus offers and versatile games.

  • Special features: Active since 2013, fully available in German, bonus directly in Bitcoin, good developers
  • What Coins Can You Use For Deposit: Bitcoin
  • Bonus amount: 100% to 1 BTC on 1st deposit and 50% to 1 BTC on 2nd deposit
  • Games Offered: Slots, Live Baccarat, Blackjack, Live Casino, Roulette
  • Software providers: NetEnt, Evolution, OneTouch and much more.
  • Bitcoin Faucet or Free Spins: No


  • Special features: 2014 founded, large game selection of over 600 games, special Bitcoin games
  • What Coins Can You Use For Deposit: Bitcoin, Cubits Besides Traditional Payment Methods
  • Bonus amount: 100% deposit bonus up to 1 BTC
  • Offered Games: Slots, Jackpots, Table Games, Live Casino, BTC Games
  • Software providers: Quickfire, NetEnt, Microgaming, Amatic and many more.
  • Bitcoin Faucet or Free Spins: 20 Free Spins without deposit and 180 Free Spins with 1. deposit


  • Features: experience from sports betting, was one of the first Bitcoin providers there, highest bonus of the three casinos
  • What Coins Can You Use For Deposit: Bitcoin
  • Bonus amount: 100% deposit bonus up to 5 BTC
  • Games offered: Slots, Jackpot, Video Poker, Table Games, Bingo, Keno
  • Software Provider: Play’N’Go
  • Bitcoin Faucet or Free Spins: No


What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin LogoBitcoin is a software for Internet payment and at the same time an independent currency that can be exchanged for local currencies such as euros, francs or US dollars. Bitcoin is accepted by many established companies and online casinos as a currency and payment method.

How does Bitcoin work?

Once you have downloaded the software to your PC or mobile phone, you can buy Bitcoin online or exchange it at various official exchange offices on the Internet. You will then be able to download the Bit Coins you have purchased using the software. When you pay, you will receive a contact number to which you can transfer the amount due in the currency unit using your Bitcoin software.

Can it be used in online casinos?

Since 2014, more and more global companies such as Expedia, Microsoft or Dell have been accepting payment with Bitcoins, and more and more online casinos are following suit. In the meantime, there are already several online casinos for Germany that allow deposits and withdrawals.

Which casinos allow Bitcoin payments?

As of 2019, a good dozen online casinos as German gamblers will give you the opportunity to use the virtual currency. Month by month there will be more and more providers where you can pay with the virtual currency. The most recommendable and best Casino Bitcoin sites from German-speaking providers can be found in a constantly updated list here on this site.

Is Bitcoin legal?

Even though the Bitcoin software has been banned in some countries like Russia or Bolivia, you can pay with the new online currency in almost every country in the world, including the US, Europe as well as in many African and Asian Countries, completely legally and without obstacles and restrictions.

Is it legal to use Bitcoin casinos?

The answer is yes: it is just as legal to use Bitcoin casinos as it is to use traditional gambling sites. You won’t have any problems with that in Germany. Anyway, the unregulated nature of crypto currencies ensures that you are hardly put in the way of regulations if you want to operate Bitcoin gambling.

Can BTC be used safely?

Bitcoin is considered to be more secure than all known e-payment services. Only by using your software on computer or mobile device can you access your account and make payments. Of course, you also have to be careful of hackers. If these hackers gain access to your computer, they can clear your entire account without any major problems.

How are winnings paid out?

The casino winnings are also available in Bitcoin and can be downloaded into your software. From there you can either use the Bitcoins to buy and pay bills from other online services or to sell and convert them into Euros.

How is Bitcoin compared to other methods?

Compared to traditional methods, Bitcoin payment is particularly fast and secure. Anonymity of payment is also preferred by many gamblers. Some people also use Bit Coins as an investment opportunity, keep their casino online winnings and hope to achieve a higher return in the long run by increasing their value than by investing euros with a bank.

Are Bitcoin casinos safe?

The question of security is always important, but it can’t be answered so broadly. As with all other casinos, it depends on how you proceed personally. For example, if you choose “ABC123” or similarly easy to guess combinations as your password, you won’t be surprised about a hacked account.

However, if you comply with all security regulations, your balance on the various platforms is basically secure. We would advise against buying Bitcoin directly from a casino. Instead, we recommend a broker like eToro, who meets all the requirements for a good stock exchange.

Do I get a bonus when I deposit with Bitcoin?

It always depends where and how much you deposit. As you can see from our three examples above, all options have a deposit bonus for depositing with Bitcoin. Usually the bonus on your first deposit is the largest and gives you a 100% bonus, doubling your balance. Some companies also offer bonuses on the second or further deposits and try to attract even more new customers.

Why does Bitcoin Casinos stand for mBTC or uBTC?

Just as the millilitre is a fraction of a litre, the mBTC is part of the BTC. It is only a thousandth of a bit coin, i.e. a millibit coin. In the case of uBTC the case is similar, but it is one millionth of a bit coin, i.e. microbit coin. The use of mBTC in Bitcoin casinos is due to the fact that they are good bets and the units are particularly practical.

Can I try the Bitcoin slot games at online Casinos first?

Yes, most Bitcoin casinos let you test the games offered with play money in advance. This has the advantage that you can get used to the game. This makes our Bitcoin Casino experience even more positive, as beginner errors in the game are avoided and the risk of loss is reduced. As a side effect you may even notice that you really like a certain game, although you would never have tried it without the free play.

What happens if my Bitcoin slot game freezes in the middle?

Again and again, computer crashes or Internet problems can cause your game to freeze in the middle of a round and you can’t finish it. The provider usually solves the problem by automatically terminating the started round on the server. Potential winnings are still transferred to your account as if you were still connected to the game.

Is my BTC deposit safe at Bitcoin Casinos?

Our experience at Bitcoin Casinos has shown that most providers rely on cold wallets to secure users’ deposits without getting connected the online world. Online traffic, on the other hand, does not use the customer’s funds, but those of the company. Read more about cold storage of cryptocurrencies.

Can I become a Bitcoin Casino VIP player?

This depends on the Bitcoin casino, but is generally a possibility if your casino offers VIP status. The fastest way to become a VIP player is to play a lot and often. In addition to 24-hour service, VIP players often receive special gifts or bonus offers.