How to Win at Bitcoin Slots Online

Satoshi Slot Machine Tricks you need to know!

How to win at Bitcoin SlotsWhat tricks & tips for 2020 you should consider: A slot is always based on chance, so you have no influence on the result. Bitcoin Slots can’t be manipulated with tricks, that’s what modern casinos do.

You can, however, use some tips to your advantage: Always set your own limits and adhere to them, as well as finding out about the volatility and payout ratio of a slot. Also, play with a bonus if you have the option.

You can also always try a slot in fun mode, so you don’t have to bet your own money first, but can try out the games risk-free. If you follow our machine tips, you’re guaranteed to make the most of your game & prevent you from making losses that your wallet can’t handle!

At the moment we don’t know any Satoshi Slots Tricks app. That’s why we’ve summarized all the information about slot machines for you on this page.

Know Payout Odds

Let’s start with a first tip that every player involved in slot machine tricks should know: Each slot you play has a certain payout percentage. This is also known as RTP, or Return to Player. This value represents the ratio between the stake and the winnings.

Each game has a different payout ratio. Whether you’re looking for Mercury slot machine tricks or tips for NetEnt slots, you should always check out the RTP before you start.

As a rule, you can see the payout rate in the online casino you have chosen, because every slot should offer the opportunity to call up additional information. Otherwise you can also get a good insight into the different payout rates on sites like ours.

Volatility of Satoshi Slots

The word volatility describes a certain risk you take when playing. This tells you how often you can expect to win, and how high these winnings are likely to be. With some slots, you wait comparatively long for your winnings, but then get high payouts.

The counterexample would then be many smaller winnings in short intervals, whereby this second variant can be described with a low volatility, while fewer and high winnings are to be regarded as high volatility.

If you choose a slot machine with high volatility, you are taking a higher risk. You can expect longer loss stretches until the big win comes. If you are wondering when you should decide on such a slot: If you have a lot of time and money, then these slot machines are worth it.

But you have to be patient and expect less action – but the winnings can be worth it. Of course, with a little luck, you can win a lot of money right from the start, but you can’t be sure about that, so you’d better be prepared for longer durations.

What Bets to play with?

Casino with Slot Machines in cornerYou may also be wondering if players with high or low stakes are more likely to win. The first thing to note here is that it depends on the type of player you choose. Either you are a High Roller or you like to play it safe, the stake per game is up to you.

Basically, however, it is also true that you can often make a higher profit with a higher bet, especially if you have a slot with many pay lines. If you keep an eye on your balance, high stakes can also quickly end the fun, which should not be the purpose of casino entertainment.

So if you’re looking for entertainment, play with lower stakes. For example, with Slot Machines, Tricks Book of Ra allows you to play with very small cents. That way you get more out of the games. In progressive Satoshi slots, a small bet is often enough to hit the jackpot.

Bankroll Management

Money or bankroll management is essential and therefore an important part of our slot machine tricks. You need to keep an eye on your budget at all times, never let your emotions guide you and play carelessly. The greater the pressure because you have little money left, the greater the risk and the worse the losses. So don’t bet money or credit that you don’t actually have, but stick to your own limits that you set for yourself.

Set limits, which can include daily, weekly or monthly limits.
Stop when it’s best: If you’ve already won, you should take a break instead of playing directly.

Know your personal limits. If you notice that you get restless after a loss, stop playing and continue playing another day.
Put rationality before emotion: Don’t let your feelings guide you. In the end, it’s still a game of chance.
See your game as a hobby, but not as a main source of income, because the pressure is far too great and the entertainment quickly fades into the background.

Satoshi Slots Tricks: Manipulation – Does it work?

In the past it was possible to use tricks to manipulate a one-armed bandit. For example, there were magnets that could manipulate the reels. Such slot machine tips don’t work anymore, because there are supervisors in classic casinos and online casinos don’t offer such an attack surface.

If you want to manipulate online slots in the year 2019, you have rather bad chances. In any case, the slot machines are equipped with security technologies that prevent fraud. However, Tricks & Tips can help you choose the right game & play high or low stakes at the right moment.

Casino Bonuses & Bitcoin Slots Tricks

A casino bonus is a wonderful way to get to know slot machines and play them without any risk. For example, many online casinos offer free spins for both classic and new releases. So you don’t bet your own money, but can play a few rounds for free.

Search specifically for bonus offers in online casinos that will be useful to you at slot machines. On our site you will find detailed ratings from various providers, we always inform you about all current bonuses and promotions on the various platforms.

Also keep in mind that each bonus is associated with certain requirements: You can therefore usually not withdraw winnings from free spins directly, but have to convert your winnings x times. A reputable casino will always work with bonus conditions, don’t forget that. However, a casino bonus is always a good decision, you should definitely not do without it.

These are not real slot machine tricks, but it is very important to know that you can get free spins in almost every casino.

Try out Games with Slot Machine Tricks

The last of our tricks is that you can try all the games in fun mode. Every online casino also offers slots with play money, so you don’t have to bet real money to get started.

The advantages are obvious: you don’t take any risks of your own because the losses are fictitious. Accordingly, you can try as many different slot machines as you like. Just try the platform you have chosen and decide which game suits you best.

If you win in fun mode, it’s not real, of course. So it can of course happen that you dust off a lot of money in fun mode, but then go away empty-handed when playing with real money.

Slots are always random, so you can’t predict whether you’ll win or lose. However, we strongly recommend that you try a slot with play money first to get a feel for it.

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